Abstract Submission & Guidelines

Please submit your website this page you can submit an abstract; faxed or emailed abstracts will not be considered.

Before submitting an abstract, please see the guidelines.

  • Abstracts must be representative of what was originally written.
  • Abstracts that are informative and critical are accepted.
  • Please choose one – three of the most relevant topics in your abstract in the conference tracks.
  • Send a short biography along with the Abstract (An example is provided within the template for abstracts).
  • It is recommended that you take a moment to download the abstract and then follow the format closely.
  • Documents that are not in conformity with the standards will be required to amend.
  • Documents that are received after the deadline for whatever reason, are not acknowledged unless the date is extended.
  • Abstracts should be provided in the format that is a MS Word (.doc or .docx) document.
  • Abstracts provide a concise overview of research papers’ content, including its purpose, background method, results and conclusion.
  • Keywords must be included in a mandatory manner (no over 06 characters).
  • Keywords must be typed using lowercase characters (Not applicable to scientific names or terms) and separated by commas.
  • Please don’t include bullets, subheadings, lists or headers/footers within the abstract.
  • Abstract titles ought to be concise however they should be descriptive. Intuitive titles that highlight the most important points are recommended. It is not recommended to use abbreviations as a title.
  • Acronyms must be written in complete the first time they are listed in the text, and followed by the abbreviation enclosed in parentheses.
  • Always adhere to SI Units.
  • Scientific names should be written in Italic.
  • Put a zero in front of decimal numbers, for example “0.45,” not “.45.”
  • There are no references or citations in the abstract in particular. If it is necessary to reference sources and sources, please include them in brackets.
Case reports should include
  • Abstract title: The abstract title should highlight the clinical condition as well as the key teaching point.
  • Format: Clinical case report abstracts should be submitted in the following format:
  • Clinical Case • Case Presentation • Differential Diagnosis • Pathophysiology • Introduction or Background
  • Treatment/Management
  • End: Emphasize the learning point(s) and implications for clinical practise in the conclusion.
  • Laboratory values: Units of measurement and normal ranges must be specified for laboratory parameters.
  • Avoid making statements regarding ongoing studies or pending outcomes.
  • References are optional and should be kept to a bare minimum.
  • You will be expected to give the following information throughout the abstract submission procedure.
  •  I certify that I have read the abstract and that the information I have supplied is correct. I understand that the contents of this abstract cannot be modified or updated after it has been submitted, and that the abstract will be published in the manner supplied.
  • Submission of abstracts constitutes the author’s consent to the publication (e.g. the conference website, programs or other promotions, etc.)
  • Abstract Submitter warrants and represents that none of the information or content provided by him/ Abstract Submitter guarantees and warrants that none of the information or content submitted by him/her (Here after “Content”) will be disclosed “Content”) to AD/PD 2017 and Kenes International (Hereafter: the “Organizers”), nor the publication of such Content by the organizers, via the internet, or in any other way violates any rights of third parties which include but are not limited to privacy rights or the intellectual property rights.
  • Abstract Submitter gives the Organizers an copyright right to reproduce the Content, translate, publish and distribute the content’s text on a royalty-free and perpetual irrevocable and non-exclusive basis.
  • I hereby confirm that the contact information stored in this system are the ones of the author who submitted the abstract and will be notified regarding the progress of their abstract. The author who presented the abstract is responsible to inform the other authors of how the abstract’s status is.
  • Abstract submitter should be aware that the author must be an active participant.
  • The Organizers reserve the rights to refuse the program and/or publication abstracts that do not conform to the guidelines above.
  • I understand that I have to select a certain Topic, Theme, and Sub-Topic to be used for the abstract I am submitting. While the committee will strive to respect this choice but this isn’t assured. It is the responsibility of the Committee and is free to alter or alter the Theme, Topic or Sub-Topic for that abstract initially submitted.
  • Within 2 to 3 Days following receipt, your abstract will undergo an anonymous peer review through an International Scientific Committee.
  • Within two Days of submitting the author will receive reviews of their abstracts.
  • The Chair of the Conference leads the scientific committee and renders the final decision on abstracts.
  • You’ll be informed of the paper’s acceptance or denial and the reviews’ comments.
  • When an abstract has to be revised the abstract must be submitted within one week.
  • When your abstract has been approved and accepted, we will contact you in order to finish the registration procedure.

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