Poster Guidelines
Presentation Guidelines
  • A presentation can be a lecture or a report, or a poster presentation (i.e. manual or virtual) that can be delivered to an audience.
  • Presentations can be info-graphic, pictorial informative or descriptive and can relate to any field, e.g. scientific, medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Here are three types of presentations.
Oral Presentation
  • Oral presentations are a very systematic and formal way of communicating. These presentations are highly interactive and audience-oriented.
  • There are various oral presentations such as seminars, speeches, workshops, summits and training sessions.
  • Oral presentations work well when the speaker’s performance is good and interactive.
Poster Presentation

A detailed poster with a short description (2 minutes or less) is included in the poster presentation. This is a unique way of communicating when participants present their presentation as a poster, diagram or collage.

Presenting a poster involves selecting the relevant content for the poster, designing the poster, editing the relevant content for the poster and presenting it effectively.

Most students use poster presentations during their studies to improve their ability to communicate accurately. Grab the audience’s attention quickly.

The following elements must be included in a good poster:

  • Important content information should be readable from about 10 feet away.
  • The title must be short, which draws interest.
  • The Word count should lie between 300 to 800 words.
  • The text must be apt and precise.
  • Usage of bullets, numbering, and headlines must be easily readable.
  • Practical usage of graphics, colour, and fonts must be done.
  • Consistent and clean layout required.
  • The poster must include the acknowledgments, the name, and the institutional affiliation.
  • Top 5 posters would be chosen and published on the website, and there would be a separate charge for the e-poster publishing on the conference website.
Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations involve as many listeners as possible. These presentations are conducted virtually using PowerPoint presentations. Participants connect via Zoom call, Webex, Cisco or other means to ensure effective dissemination of results.

Virtual presentations offer greater scalability and compete with many distractions, but they have their own character. To access a virtual conference, there must be a link to

Webinar Presentations

The webinar presentation is also in the form of a virtual presentation. An important factor for a successful webinar is the preparation of the presentation. Webinar presentations are visual images and for a practical webinar an effective presentation is required.

“Our left brain wants to see a clear, logical structure, while the right brain wants to see visual cues, slides, etc.”

Planning for coherence and design

For webinars, we need a good introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction of a webinar can take just a few minutes with a strong cover image, logistics, presentation slides and a summary image.

Organize presentations into a logical format so that they make sense to the audience.

Time, geography, and moving from problem to solution were key content.

Conclusion describes the end of the presentation with good content.

Finally, list all the points you want to address in the webinar. Plan an agenda with appropriate Q&A and polls to connect with the audience and get feedback that will be useful for future presentations.

Finally, talk about what will follow, i.e. upcoming events.

Webinar planning and preparation steps are given as follows:
  • If possible, ask the webinar organizer for help. The following steps can help you on your way
  • Choose a topic that focuses on content.
  • The title should be catchy
  • Choose an excellent speaker and moderator
  • Choose a date and time
  • Present your webinar in a unique style and format
  • Rehearse the webinar before the actual webinar so you can make changes and correct erros.
  • Record and document the entire webinar.

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