Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions
  • The World Conference Series follows its own guidelines and has its own policies regarding registration, refunds and cancellations.
  • You must accept these terms when you register for the conference.
  • The organiser reserves the right to change the programme, i.e. dates and venues, at any time and without notice.
  • The organiser shall not be liable for any loss arising from the postponement, modification, postponement or cancellation of the event for reasons beyond the organiser’s control, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, accidents, labour disputes, terrorism, strikes or acts of war.
  • The organiser reserves the right to cancel the conference at any time in the event of unavoidable circumstances. The organiser assumes no further liability towards the client.
  • The registration remains valid until the new date or in case further editions of the conference have to be postponed for reasons beyond the organiser’s control. The refund clause does not apply in this case.
  • If an event is cancelled, the organiser shall take reasonable and appropriate alternative measures, such as publishing a notice on the event website, to inform those who have reserved or purchased tickets for the event.
  • Delegates are responsible for verifying this information prior to the event. We encourage you to visit the website for up-to-date information about our conference.
  • The organisers accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury suffered by delegates during or as a result of the conference.
  • Delegates are personally liable for their items while at the location
  • If the delegates lose something, the organizers are not accountable.
  • The delegates must accept full and total responsibility for this.
Registration Policy
  • Registration for webinars and conferences can be done online, offline or by bank transfer.
  • You can register online at the conference website. On the registration page you can enter your credit card, debit card or PayPal details.
  • Both online and offline registration options are available.
  • If you need to register offline, you can enter your card information over the phone or a customer service representative will contact you for more information.
  • Once the registration procedure is completed, your card details will not be stored or destroyed.
  • The delegate will receive a payment receipt from the respective conference coordinator once the conference registration is completed successfully.
  • Please let us know if any modifications were required after the delegate receives the receipt, such as Name, Address, Place, Conference information, and so on.
  • During the conference, registration grants you access to the major sessions, presentations, meals, and coffee breaks.
  • Accommodation is also only available to those who have paid the conference cost.
Registration fee includes:
  • Refreshments Breaks
  • Lunch
  • E-Abstract Book
  • Conference Bag
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Conference schedule handout
  • Eligibility for all technical sessions and workshops within the conference
  • Conference photo coverage

Note: Conference photo coverage is strictly prohibited, and one must take the organization’s permission for covering any photo coverage.

For Student Delegates
  1. Access to all sessions
  2. Coffee break during the conference
  3. Conference Kit
  4. Lunch during the conference
For Student Visitor
  1. Access to all sessions
  2. Coffee break during the conference
E-Posters charge
  1. The fee for electronic posters will only be paid for displaying the posters on the website.
  2. The abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings.
  3. The presenter is not obliged to physically attend the conference.
Insurance policy
  • The registration fees for the conference or webinar do not include any sort of insurance.
Transportation policy
  • The registrant is responsible for all transportation, including the to and fro vehicle and parking facility charges, and the organisation is not liable for this.
Press/ Media
  • Must obtain press permission from the organizing committee before the event.
  • The press will not quote any speakers or the delegates unless they obtain writing approval.
  • Open Scientific Publisher is a non-profit third-party organization, and the conference or the webinar conducted will not be associated with any commercial meeting.
Invitation for the Conference| the Webinar
  • The letter of the invitation i.e. to the conference or the webinar would be issued to those individuals who get registered for the event
  • Once registration is complete, contact us to receive a personal invitation letter
  • For refunds, all bank fees will be charged to the registrant’s account.
Cancellation, Postponement and the Transfer of the Registration

All the cancellations or the registration modifications requested must be in written format to the finance team

Cancellation Policy
  • If World Conference Series LLC Ltd/World Conference series cancels any event for any reason, one will receive a credit for 100% of the registration fee paid.
  • One may use this credit for another World Conference Series LLC Ltd/ World Conference series event that occurs within one year from the date of cancellation.
  • Note: The refund/cancellation policy does not apply to postponements of the conference due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organizer, such as force majeure, natural disasters, sabotage, accidents, commercial or labour disputes, terrorism, strikes, or military action. The organizer must offer the registered participants the possibility to carry over the registration and accommodation fees to a subsequent or similar conference.
  • Refunds will be made in the second week after the completion of the conference
  • A 100% registration fee is paid only if the event or the world conference series is rescheduled or cancelled. The credit can be reused for another conference
  • Note: If an in-person conference cannot be held due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, it will be held virtually, depending on the interest of the participants. The registration fee is Excess payments will be refunded within 30 business days after the end of the virtual conference. 
  • If the conference is cancelled or postponed, the full registration cost will be reimbursed within 30 working days of the cancellation notification.

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